Ever wonder if the driver next to you is insured in case of an auto accident?

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Currently during a traffic stop, a law enforcement officer will ask for a motorist driver's license and proof of insurance. The officer must rely on the validity of the information provided. A recent trend amongst motorists is to cancel their auto insurance policy after 1 month of paid insurance premium and retain the insurance card as proof of insurance or. Drivers can also create fraudulent insurance cards or purchase them online. There is no way for an officer to verify the actual status of the insurance at the time of the stop. In addition, those drivers who don't have insurance can drive up to 60 days before the BMV is notified and the auto registration is cancelled.



R.A.I.V.S is designed to assist insurance companies in retaining policy holders and strengthening their bottom line. We designed our system with the understanding that the auto insurance industry as a whole loses billions of dollars annually due to auto insurance fraud scams and fake insurance cards that cause a loss in monthly premium revenue. With the ever advancement of technology, we now have the ability to stop auto insurance fraud and scams in its tracks.

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